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Buy Polished Natural Volakas White Marble Slab

Product Details

Product Details

Global Volakas White Marble Price is natural marble stone products. Quality Volakas White Marble Tiles is mainly used in interior decoration of interior wall and floor. Volakas Premium Marble Tile is also used in TV interior table, windowsill, door sets, stone pillars and fireplaces. Generally used for processing into a variety of shapes, plates, for the building walls, ground, column, also commonly used in monuments such as monuments, towers, statues and other materials.

 Volakas White Marble


Deatiled Picture

Volakas White Slab Stone

Project Case

Volakas White Marble Project

Size Detailes:

Thickness Size
 Slab Size
 Tiles Size
 120*60cm,60*60cm,91.4*91.4cm etc
 Other Size
 As your requirement

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