How to care and maintain the marble table


How to care and maintain the marble table
It is very easy and convenient to care the marble table if you follow the below steps:
1, Use coasters consistently.
2, If there is a spill, especially something acidic, wipe it up immediately.
3, If you own a marble dining table set, you will likely want to get a top quality table pad to cover the surface when serving meals.
3, Only use cleaners recommended for marble. Traditional household cleaners that contain chemicals and are acidic can damage the surface of your marble or cause a dulling of the finish.
4, If you choose white marble, do not use wax. It could cause serious discoloration, possibly turning your beautiful white to a dull yellow.
5, Remember to seal your marble as recommended. Not all marbles need sealing. Be sure to ask if it needs to be sealed before you buy a specific piece of marble furniture. Sealing is relatively easy to do as long as you use a top quality sealer.
6, Using a mild soap a few times a year is okay, but very warm water and a soft sponge will work just fine for daily cleanings. You can then buff with a soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth.

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