How to care the marble


How to care the marble

Cleaning, maintaining and protecting the lustrous look of marble is very important. 

First: Marble is required to be protected from all types of harsh cleaning products, soaps and acidic cooking products. Many people do not realize how easy it is to etch marble tiles with just ordinary shampoos, shaving creams or acidic food products. Standard everyday cooking products such as lemon juice, vinegar and wine can stain and severely etch the lustrous finish. It is unachievable to remove etch or stain marks from marble with standard cleaning products and procedures. Cleaning marble should only be done with non abrasives, and any spill must be taken care of right away to avert stains or etching.

Second: You will keep your marble free from absorbing stains by sealing it. Sealing the finish will also protect it from being modified by acidic products.

Third: Scratches and micro abrasions in the finish will cause it to lose the shiny, glossy and reflective appearance it had when it was initially put in. Marble will have to be lustrous on a regular basis to restore the shiny and glossy appearance that it had when it was first put in. 

Fourth: A professional stone polishing procedure will take out the scratches and small abrasive marks that are hindering the bright, shiny and lustrous appearance. Coarse polishing pads are recommended to eliminate deep scratches. Then by using progressively finer grit diamond polishing pads a shiny reflective appearance will start to be formed. Finally a polishing powder or polishing paste can be used to bring up the shine to what the marble had when it was initially installed.

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