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Quality Building Material Volakas White Slabs On Sale

Product Details

Product Details:

Import Polished Marble Slabs is a member of the Volakas family of marbles and is quarried in Northern Greece. It's beautiful  presentation of white with light grey veining provides a both a classic and timeless that can be suitable for any project. Perfect Price White Volakas Slabs displays more white and less veining than does standard Volakas. The veining pattern for all varieties of Volakas Marble will vary from slab to slab. We have various grade Slab Sizes in stock. Thicker slabs and Custom orders can be finished by us and directly to your project location anywhere in the world. 

 Volakas Slabs


Detailed  Pictures:

Volakas White Marble Slab Polished

Volakas Marble is a small vein marble of white color, naturally featured by brown or grey veining. The veining can be group in either tight or loose grid. The line can be straight or curvy. Volakas Marble is used on many important projects such as hotels, apartment decoration etc.

Products Usage:

Volakas White Marble

Volakas Marble products, we can supply Volakas White Marble tiles, Volakas Marble countertops and vanity tops, wall cladding,floor tiles,stair,risers,window sills,countertops,vanity tops,bar tops,worktops etc.

Size Detailes:

Thickness Size
 Slab Size
 Tiles Size
 120*60cm,60*60cm,91.4*91.4cm etc
 Other Size
 As your requirement

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